Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maturing Who We Are as Unity

Lei'ohu Ryder, a visionary mystic shaman singer powerhouse, who I met and got to know in Hawaii. She came to Ireland for a concert and spoke to me back then about the rainbow bridges forming all over the planet. I began to see them in Shasta, and now I and others are part of those bridges... that part of us that goes beyond our humanity into a unified field of creation.

Will you hold true while others fold into the shallow nothingness of the unreal. Can you realize that we are in truth awakening?

A quote from Lynn McTaggert’s new book: "The Bond" coming out April 15: “What’s more, these new discoveries in physics and biology demonstrate that we are in crises because we are living a lie. All living things succeed and prosper not through competition, but only when they see themselves as part of a greater whole.”

We are the dreams of the future calling. I know that humanity does not yet realize the full impact of that statement. Some human beings will wait and see what happens, fearful, hoping they will be all right. Others will feed their dreams into the fertile field of creation and know that they are feeding the future of humanity and themselves with their dreams.

Once, we dreamed in unity with the elements and the forces, so when the earth went through her necessary changes to keep our paradise here going, we moved with her. It is now time to do that again. Many have forgotten. Many human beings will hovel in fear as the earth restores her balance and harmony, never realizing they missed being part of the new metareality of the future that is unfolding... a future of conscious creation and mindful connection to the intelligence that is our true design. This is a time of awakening and remembering... no more separation.. no more fear.

I am interested in those of you who know you came to dream the new dream. I do not care whether you feel broken or weathered. I come to serve you... your courage, your new-mindedness, your soul!

The Language of Creation Events that have been occurring in the States, and now moving into the Vision Quest in Ireland, are metastates of remembering... state shifts into whole new ways of being and experiencing... past healing into enwholing... past recovery into discovery.

This is what we have been preparing for and moving into for centuries!

Please do the Creation Exercises if you have them. We are almost ready to have a book ready for you to purchase so you have them available to you. YOU MUST KNOW now what is uniquely true for you in these times of shift.

All my love, Tantra

Saturday, February 19, 2011


“I have asked Cynthia, our incredible webmaster, to send an update on the Language of Creation Studies. We now can call them events! We are so past learning! We must now have direct experience! Now I can provide that at a level I only imagined until now!” Tantra

I want to thank the people in the San Rafael course. After the course I said, “We are waking so fast we need a pyramid to do the work in!!!” Little did I know!

What happened in the room pointed to what was needed and sourced an extraordinary synchronicity.

This is part of the higher frequency realities that we are entering into. When our needs rise, our needs are met!

Now, during the Language of Creation Events, you will be in a newly designed environment within which your body, mind, and spirit can more easily integrate and expand into the full spectrum of your true being.

After the Events you will have:

♦ An increased sense of belonging to what is true to you

♦ An increased sense of connection to what is authentically you 

♦ An increased capacity to comprehend your life and operate effectively with what is real for you.

You will leave the conditioning behind that left you in a story that is not yours and you will enter the beauty of your own innate world, your own direct connection with creation.

One of the dynamics essential to human beings at this time is to be in environments that allow our systems to relax, expand, and embody. Modern technology has FINALLY caught up with Tantra’s knowing. Now she can provide a powerful environment that awakens our original DNA memory and supports our cells and our minds in the higher frequencies. New realities are born there. HURRAH!

Beginning in the 2011 March Northern California retreats, an amazing sound system that creates a natural geometrical attunement to ‘what connects us to life and has us exist as whole’ will energetically establish an environment where we can grow and expand in an ‘original design of life’ zone. One of the first of its kind!!!

In addition, Tantra is collaborating with an amazing woman, Ashera Hart. Ashera in collaboration with top NLP coaches, hypnotherapists and other experts in their field are together creating sacred sound downloads working with the frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) to help you in your return to a natural state of being.

The frequencies of the Solfeggio are found in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament and are based on the blueprint of Creation. They also correspond to measurements of the Earth and the ‘New Jerusalem’. The frequencies embody the Fibonacci sequences, the same Phi ratio present in your bones and the DNA in every cell of your body. They are key to remembering and to having you to embody the true nature of your being.

We are very excited about this delivery system that links you to your own field of resonance, allowing greater integration of the materials and experiences Tantra will be presenting.

Please go to for further information on the in person events.

The METApoints Staff

Monday, January 3, 2011


I realized something about being related to a higher tipping point. It is all in what you are paying attention to. Last night Lily threw up, the propane ran out and I was in the coldest part of the night, and I drowned my cellphone by dropping it in Lily’s water bowl. None of it fazed me.

Recently someone called me energetically wacked out. She had been doing the metapoint templates for some time and voila! the perfect new home showed up for her after her ex-husband had been searching for months. I mean perfect…near the son’s school, 2 houses on one piece of property so the son could be with both parents, and more. Her place was as if it was made for her and she is HIGHLY sensitive and has very pristine special needs. I noticed I was unconcerned about her whacked out condition. I thought somehow I should be but I just wasn’t.

2011: We are entering the year of ‘having’. It may seem ludicrous to realize that almost all human beings go into shock when they see their dream manifest before their eyes and they have what is theirs to truly have. I really think this is why people stop doing the templates. ‘Having’ totally comes from some other place than the ego… the misidentification of ‘I did that’. I AM THAT is an entirely different entity based in unity not separation. In unity, it is natural to have manifest what is yours EXACTLY as you would have imagined it if you could. The natural occurrence of creation is quite a shock to most people.

We are loved, honored, and cared for! We are the dreams of creation!

So I realized this morning after easily ordering a new phone online with my Assurion insurance on my cell, asking someone to get me propane while I bask in the warmth of my heater in my bedroom, that once the body stops reacting to having, you begin to pay attention to literally what there is to pay attention to.

So let’s take this amazing being that just experienced ‘having’ for example. Why did her system go into shock? Her full attention was on finding a home. She had gone on a trip wondering why she wasn’t concerned, staying home and searching for her new home. She was somewhat concerned she wasn’t concerned because they only had 2 weeks to get out of their present home as it was sold. Not yet used to the power in the templates that shift your system into having, she could not yet shift into what was ‘next’ - clear the ‘home’ was manifesting. Yet in the middle of the vacation, it occurred to her to make a phone call to someone who had looked for a home for her before. Voila! The realtor said she had the perfect place and it was actually, as the new ‘having’ hatchling discovered when she went to see it, ‘THE Perfect Place!’

How easy is that?

Now take me. I was traveling with said hatchling in the last part of 2010. She asked me to look out on the landscape and tell her how much room did my life take up? We were driving through Nevada and the vista stretched out before us as far as the eye could see. I was stunned by the question because when I looked out, I realized my entire life was only the size of a shack that we could barely see far in the distance on the left side of the road. Something cracked in my brain. This is a good thing! I realized that the vast, broad, spacious vista was actually my life and that I had been trapped in the shack.

Everything changed in that moment.

You see, human beings don’t realize it is what they are focusing on that keeps them from seeing the full vista of their life. Not only that, what we are focusing on is the same as my focusing on everything inside the shack (the hatchling thought it was an outhouse). What I was focusing on had become my life. No wonder I felt trapped. I was trapped in the narrowness of my own world view.

This is very important because if you are only going to pay attention to everything in the outhouse you are never going to leave the outhouse or think beyond it.

There is now way to describe what it is like when your brainmind opens up and you ‘are’ the broad vista of awareness you were meant to be. You think things entirely differently. You do things entirely differently. What upsets you goes way beyond your kitchen. You are enlivened because your upsets are connected to your passion for what is possible and your unerring determination to be all you came to be!

So here I am January 3rd, 2010. My life is nine prophetic consults a day through January 9th. I could think these consults were about just getting them done or bringing in money but you see I am the broader vista in my consciousness now and I am paying attention and focusing on so much more.

Did you ever ask yourself what earth thinks when she is bringing all her complex systems online? She doesn’t think one thing at a time. She thinks ‘enough of it’ at a time to bring a whole way of existing into form. What creation, earth, God, cosmos, and human beings focus on creates full functioning realities.

I am clear I was born to bring as many human beings into alignment with their true nature and the nature of their true reality as I could during this lifetime especially in 2011 and 2012. That is what I am paying attention to. I am paying attention to each person quickening and while I am doing that I am paying attention to the impact each person is having on the collective consciousness of all humanity. While I am paying attention to the collective consciousness, I am paying attention to what is enough to create the tipping point that shifts the entire spectrum of human existence into fulfillment - each human being having what is theirs to have, doing what is theirs to do, and being what is theirs to be!

This is the power of quantum thinking….whole system thinking. This is what is offered in the courses, the calls, and the templates.

Someone said (you pick who) that we are not afraid of our smallness but our greatness. No, I do not think we are afraid. I think our systems have malfunctioned. The fear is the recognition that more matter how hard we try something is broken and needs to be fixed.

I am a ‘natural systems’ guru and I love it. Our natural systems take all the burden off our personalities and gives us a way to focus on getting things back to working order, no longer obsessed with what is wrong with us that "of course" is because of something we did that made us as a species bad and wrong…..NOT!

So you see when you are busy paying attention to a large landscape of existence, the dog throwing up, the cellphone drowning, and heat going off in the house doesn’t bother you because stuff is always happening in life and you don’t have to get stuck in the outhouse with it. FOR, as your beautiful mind keeps dreaming the dreams of creation and creation rises up to meet you, the everyday struggle of life ceases and it is all just the magic of the dance.

I love you! My prayer is that you fulfill on who and what you came here for. DO you know why? Because you are wonderful!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Metapoints are points of connection where everything is equal to everything else.

A Message From Tantra

Metapoints are points of connection where everything is equal to everything else. Equivocal. This is the basisof unity. We are neither more nor less than anything else. That point of equivocation is a metapoint.

Sometimes we have an experience that is not familiar..somehow greater than we hold ourselves to be. This is a metapoint… a merge point of unity where you experience an equality to something that occurs as greater yet somehow familiar.

When I was in Ireland, I had experiences that while disturbing because they did not fit with what I had been culturally raised to believe I was. They beckoned me toward a relationship with myself that was more expanded and deeper than how I existed at that time. When I became ‘able’ to include these experiences, I experienced being ‘one’ with them, not them, but one with them. This is a metapoint. The ‘being one with them’ is a metastate. ‘Meta’ means to include and go beyond.

This state of equivocation…this metapoint…is experienced in greater and greater states of wholeness. Wholeness is when you can experience yourself as the ‘great living All’ in-unity-with experiencing yourself as the one who has trouble losing weight, the one who balances the checkbook, as well as the one who has nine to five job.

I used to have a perpetual dream of being a small boyish woman who lived on the Isle of Crete. Bob-cut black hair, I was dressed in a thong and a bleached by the sun wrapped skirt similar to what you see in pictures of Egyptians with a medium cloth band around my almost imperceptible breasts. Squatting on my knees bending into the stream to scrub my family’s clothes, I left my body and appeared in a coliseum where I was an athlete who jumped the bulls. In the same moment of time, I was aware of myself scrubbing the clothes by the banks of the stream and running for the rump of the bull, jumping, pressing my small hands against the bull’s buttock to gain leverage as I plummeted into air, flipped over the bull’s horns, rolled back under the bull as I hit the ground and jumped up, hands high in the air signaling my astounding physical prowess and dexterity.

Sometimes we speak of being out under the night sky, feeling the vastness of the universe and being part of it. This is a metastate, a metapoint of equality, of unity, of oneness where nothing is more or less than anything else. What you are experiencing is expanded and vast, highly evolved, and astounding and in that metastate you experience yourself differently than you do at other times but the experience should not nullify the other aspects of your existence. Some experiences are pleasant, some unpleasant, but not ‘more’ or ‘less’. Simply different.

Sometimes we call these feelings aspects of ourselves as if they are each separate. We spend our lifetimes trying to be one and not the other, yet what if that was all wrong. It is you know. We are designed to be whole…that means being ‘it all’, whatever our form of ‘it all’ is. One of the fundamental aspects of a human being is we were designed to experience. Doesn’t it seem strange to try to only experience some things when your existence is based on experiencing many things…at once? Some things are experienced as magnificent and others are experienced as hard, yet when you have a sense of being all of it, a multi-dimensional self, with multi-faceted experiences, you are never lost from the unity-base, the equivocalness you come from. This is part of what we focus on in the work of METApoints.

At least to date, I am an overweight woman yet my experience of myself is not limited to being overweight. I include it in the metastate of existence that I am. I also experience myself as a guardian of human beings, elemental worlds, and greater realms of awareness. One is not less or more than another. Both are mine to experience and more than that allow myself to be present to each of them in such a way what there is to do and be becomes evident. This is the foundation of what we speak of as ‘awareness’.

The experience of separation is embedded in more or less, better or worse, right or wrong, etc. This is an encoded that has been corrupting the basis innate power and majesty of the human system for a long time.

Imagine our planet and its ecosystem, the moon, and the sun, and the space in between being encoded with trying to decide what was more important than the other. This encoding would destroy the miraculous system of creation they are… just as this state of separation is destroying the human species. With our thought forms fixed, our perception programmed by the world around us , looping through paying attention to the more or better, lesser or greater, or right or wrong, we lose our connection to what we are designed to do and be.

This is the mess human beings are in. We are encoded through adaptation and conditioning into a perception that is dominated by the feeling of being less or more, right or wrong, greater or smaller. Think of it. We are scared to think we are great and we are terrified we are less. We fear being wrong and don’t know what to do with being right. We want to be great but seem dominated by feeling small.

This is the system we were born into and it gives ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS to who we truly are. The work of METApoints breaks the encoding giving room for the innate system you are miraculously designed to be to emerge. This is the true nature of awakening…to no longer be adapted or conditioned by what is not the true nature of who we are as a human and a being… to be present to who we are as the metapoint of ourselves as both a human and a being, a limited-in-time life and a vast consciousness, both more and less, great and small, right and wrong.

Friday, December 17, 2010

End of 2010 Message


The challenges of our times carry a promise to bring us beyond where we have been into a greater more fulfilling reality. This is the new future calling.

We have been in preparation for a new future calling. That preparation is nearing completion. Once done, we pray we are ready. Humanity has been in preparation quite awhile now.

We won’t know how ready we are until the challenges are at full peak. Then we will see if what we need to be will rise and carry us forward into what we have been in preparation for.

2011 is the final year of our present preparation. We are ‘cresting a wave’ of new creation as the forces of that-which-is-not-yet-known tear away what is known.

There are very specific instructions for 2011.

 We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by that which does not serve us.

 We must discover and focus on what matters the most to us and be ever so persistently faithful to whatever that is.

 We must banish or ignore thoughts that crush you, wound you, and demean you.


As the ‘winds of change’ are upon us, sweeping away reality as we have known it, a whole new reality will come into play. During these times, new matrixes (structures of reality) are coming online that will give us entirely new experiences. Some of us are already experiencing this and it is ‘wonder full’.

While there is, for sure, an inherent blindness in facing the unknown, this does not mean we will not be guided in preparing for what is to come. That is what the sages and the seers provide. We are the ones that are designed to pay attention to what is wanted and needed to carry you through to the other side.

So my beloved, your sage and seer, Tantra, is setting up the following things for 2011.

Focus sessions (which were offered in a previous email) are to support you in staying focused on what is the central focus of 2011 through three or four sessions during the year. The most beautiful aspect of these new matrixes forming is that everything else will come into alignment through attending to the central focus. Both Deb and I are doing focus sessions.

I will be offering ‘pods’ of five to seven people per pod twice a month for two hours. You are welcome to join any of these monthly ‘pods’. These ‘pods’ are essential for our part in the ‘scheme of things’. As we come into alignment with what the future is calling for, we are seeding our world. We are the seeds of the futures coming. (This email has not been sent yet.)

I urge you to do the Foundational Studies with Deb and to come to Grass Valley, California in March to do the Language of Creation Studies with Tantra. This is a good year to concentrate on your future, your life, and your being.

Please visit our website for more information.

Take care of yourself next year. Be prepared.

All my love,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Original DNA

Our original DNA though dormant is available to us but must be activated or awakened by each soul through choice to move from separation to unity.   

DNA activation is the key to our remembrance. 

The quantum parts of DNA are the parts of the DNA that physicists call “junk”.   

They think it is junk because they cannot find structure in it. 

They do not see the inherent structure because it is quantum. 

As we move into higher and higher realms of consciousness, these strands begin to activate. 

It is within this part of us, where all the knowledge resides.

A Quote from an email from one of METApoints' facilitators Sue Burnham

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Self Revelation

Self in revelation presences mystery, possibility, curiosity and the awareness of something known yet intangible.

Unveiled this past year, the matter I was born into, the form of me, is not the whole of me.

It’s possible wholeness may be more likened to an arousal of a deeper essence activated and united with its sensory/energetic system; temporarily housed and known in a body intelligent and borrowed from earth.

The chirping of the birds outside remind me I am locatable. The same moment moves my hand to write an invocation from a voice unseen yet deeply present. The depth of this presence is rising and embracing me with its warmth, love, truths, generosity and sacredness.

My, mind, my body and its systems are welcoming and reorganizing to hold and move with a consciousness that wants nothing more than my full presence. In this place, I am becoming more discerning of the ways in which engage this presence with the world outside of me; a place of many distractions in the guise of opportunities.

How much of and what is needed to live a life that maintains the joy of living in full presence. If considered a sacred inquiry, what is to be invited and what is to be moved away?

Gangaji says the answers come when we have found home in ourselves.

written by one of METApoints Facilitators Patty Taylor